SSML sponsors sessions at the annual Midwest Modern Language Association and Modern Language Association conferences. Participation on SSML-sponsored panels is open to current SSML members with fully paid dues. To become a member, click here.

M/MLA November 15-18, 2018, Kansas City, MO

Theme: Consuming Cultures
SSML session 1: “Midwestern Writers: Cultural Engagement or Appropriation?”

Friday November 16th @ 1 PM, Trianon D

Marilyn J. Atlas ()Ohio University, “Inherited Trauma and the Holocaust in Anthony Doerr’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel, All the Light We Cannot See (2014)”
Aaron Babcock (Ohio University), “A Borrowed Mask from the Cellar: Appropriate or Intertethnic Exchange in Hart Crane’s ‘Black Tambourine’”
Tamara Slankard (Baker University), “’Such a Dung Heap as This’: Place Aversion in Willa Cather’s ‘The Sculptor’s Funeral’”

SSML session 2: Midwestern Writers: Cultural Engagement or Appropriation?

Friday November 16th @ 2:30 PM, Trianon D

Jessica McKee and Taylor J. Mitchell (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), “White Boys Make Some Noise: Playboy and the Jazz Aesthetic”
Bonnie McLean (College of DuPage), “Great Lakes Dystopias: Cultural Engagement & Ecological Forewarning”
Aaron Babcock (Ohio University), Respondent (to both sessions)

MLA January 3-6, 2019, Chicago, IL

Theme: Textual Transactions: (Dis)location and Ethnicity in Midwestern Literature
SSML session: “How do Midwest writers ignore, critique, deconstruct, and/or parody the Midwest in order to recreate it (or the world)?” 

Thursday January 3rd @ 12 – 1:15 PM

1. Aaron Babcock (Ohio U, Athens), “To Reimagine What I Could Not Retrieve”: Retracing Transnational and Transgenerational Trauma in Aleksandar Hemon’s The Lazarus Project
2. Ross Tangedal (U of Wisconsin, Stevens Point), “That Memory: Textual (Dis)Location in Bonnie Jo Campbell’s ‘Winter Life'”
3. James Wirth (U of Washington, Seattle), “Dybek’s Heterotopic Chicago”
4. Marilyn Judith Atlas (Ohio U, Athens), “Impossible Enjambment, Fits, Starts, and Place in Gwendolyn Brooks’s Maud Martha”

This year, once again, SSML’s panel has been selected as one of Anne Ruggles Gere for inclusion in this year’s presidential theme, Textual Transactions.

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