SSML sponsors sessions at the annual Midwest Modern Language Association and Modern Language Association conferences. Participation on SSML-sponsored panels is open to current SSML members with fully paid dues. To become a member, click here.

M/MLA November 9-12, 2017, Cincinnati, OH

Art and Activism    
SSML’s session will be titled “Creative Defiance and Midwestern Literature”: How does protest literature – in its many forms – manifest itself in Midwestern literature? The deadline for proposals was May 15, 2017.

MLA January 4-7, 2018, New York, NY

States of Insecurity: “The Theme and Form of Failure in Midwestern Literature”

“’I Must Vote for Failure’: John William’s Stoner and Regional Neglect,” Michael Maguire, The Pennsylvania State University

“’You Get Home and Aren’t Really Home’: The Enfolding Midwest of David Means’s Hystopia,” Aaron Babcock, Ohio University

“Imagining Walter Cronkite Imagining Himself as a Bird Flying Above the Chicago Riots: The Complex Midwest in Nathan Hill’s Absurdist Novel The Nix,” Marilyn Judith Atlas, Ohio University

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